Deeper Than Yin and Yang

I’ve lived within duality most of my life.
If there is a this, there must be a that.
Yin and Yang make up the Cosmos,
down to the smallest parts of quantum structure.

But wait.

There was a point when Yin and Yang began.
They started their dance upon the ballroom of time
and brought into being the ten thousand forms –
the things I learned to call reality.
But it is the ballroom that contains the dance,
and it is there that I want to live my later years.

Lao-Tzu knew the Great Tao
from which came the forms,
and to which these forms return.
So why all the ado about forms?
Why give Yin and Yang so much power?
Important to the dance they are, of course,
but they are not the deepest truth.

This division of life into parts has served a purpose,
but it has been carried way too far.
In my mountain retreat I don’t read
or listen much to media.
It’s all about dividing things into separate, ever smaller, pieces
and I’m through with all of that. .
It is a Whole; just One Thing is happening, and it is all connected.
It is time to put the pieces of my soul together once again.

Author: William Martin

Taoist teacher and consultant

5 thoughts on “Deeper Than Yin and Yang”

  1. This post made me envision being at a high school dance, albeit on the sidelines, too worried/fearful/etc. to ask someone to dance with, or simply to start dancing alone. Even though one may still be participating by simply being at the dance, we are holding back by denying the desire for positive vibration to arise and to start dancing. I sense that putting the pieces of your soul back together will be similar to learning to dance, by putting one gentle step in front of the next.


    1. Very nice image, Alex. After decades of life, no matter how mindfully lived, there are going to be pieces scattered all over the place. As they say, ducks won’t remain in a row. It’s not a problem if we realize that it merely requires learning some new steps and rhythms. Also, I don’t need to worry about rounding up all those pieces. That process will take care of itself … pieces my conditioned mind whispers are missing may, in fact, be sitting there waiting for me.


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