Vibration (2/19/21)

Winter, someone says, is cold and harsh.
Who says? Who perceives it so?
A tiresome voice inside my head.

Everything in existence is simply vibration
until some instrument picks it up –
then it becomes perception.

Perception depends on the instrument used,
and human instruments are so very limited,
and limiting.

The sunlight outside is a vibrating wave.
Tune my instrument just a bit and I could hear it
as it fills the meadow and dances atop the snow.
The glistening ice diamonds that sparkle in my view
would become sharp notes cascading up and down a hidden scale.

There is much more, so very much more,
to life than my instruments would have me know.
That’s why I rest a drum against my chest
and beat a rhythm I can feel within my ribs.

I’m not content with the world
that I’ve been taught to see.
I want the Hidden World I know is waiting
beyond the doors of my perception.
I want to hear the sun as it rises
above the peak of Black Butte,
and see the colors of the rain
as it beats against my roof.
I want the cold to be a melody
and the snow to be a winter symphony


Author: William Martin

Taoist teacher and consultant

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