The illusion of control is everywhere
and no one really understands
the transformation that is coming.
Everything is changing
and everyone is scrambling
to keep the status quo.

Philanthropy has become the rich man’s way
of staying in control –
“I have the billions, and I will decide
the ways they trickle down –
to my foundations, institutions,
my tentacles of power –
untaxed, of course.”

Long ago another man, not rich at all, said,
“Give it all away and follow me,”
and talked about the power
of the “widow’s mite.”
Yet another man, a continent away,
said, “Control is an illusion – clinging to anything
will always lead to suffering.”

Philanthropy may trickle down
and do a bit of good,,
But the truth of life is never gauged
by the amount of money given.
The truth of life is always told
by just how much is kept,

Author: William Martin

Taoist teacher and consultant

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