Operating System

To train and tame the mind –
a task most futile.
Using the mind to train the mind?
How odd.
Just who is doing the training,
and who decides what tame might be?

Forgive me, but I must say
it’s very like a, (gasp), computer.

The original Operating System of my Soul
is hardwired in my very nature.
It is the Essence of me, my Spirit.
But it has been clouded by viruses and malware,
downloaded over decades,
dozens of programs running concurrently,
each trying to override the OS.

In my attempts to modify and fix
the myriad software Apps the culture
has, in stealth, implanted in my brain,
I seek out and install yet one more App –
one that claims it will fix it all
and get things running right.
It doesn’t.
It simply pushes its way in,
and fights to run the show itself.

Still, the wonderful OS remains intact,
if buried – still in control,
waiting beneath it all.

Happiness will come, not from
another App, but from
a reboot, restart, return
to the beginning.
Move the icons to the trash.
Become a blank slate again
and see the world afresh.
We all dream of a “do-over.”
It can happen!

Author: William Martin

Taoist teacher and consultant

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