Connection Invitation

A virtual meeting with William Martin

Dear Friends,

I will be hosting a Zoom meeting on Sunday, June 6, at 10:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time (US and Canada). I would like to use this meeting as a chance for us to connect after such a long period of being out of touch. As I continue to explore the work of my deeper Soul during my elder years, I want to be in community with my fellow travelers along this Tao/Way – for my own Spirit’s peace and joy, and also for whatever contribution I might still make to a culture in chaos.

I will be exploring the use of the Tao Te Ching as guidance for this journey. In this first meeting there will be time for sharing experiences and for asking questions. We will also explore what continuing connections we might want to build.

I’m a beginner at Zoom meetings, so I ask for your patience and assistance as I navigate, what are for me uncharted (also nerve-wracking) technological waters.

If you would like to participate, drop an email to me at and I will send you an invitation containing the links you will need. In your email, please include any questions and/or subjects you would like me to explore.

I would love to connect/reconnect with you.


Bill Martin

Author: William Martin

Taoist teacher and consultant

2 thoughts on “Connection Invitation”

  1. Great to see what appears to be a blossoming from hibernation journey on deeper connection to all things. Alas, the time difference will be too challenging for me to attend, but I will be there in spirit. Have a wonderful time.


    1. Hi Alex, I’ll see if the next meeting (assuming I figure it out) might be timed so you can attend. Would love to “see” you.


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