Yoo-Hoo World!

Alan Watts, once said,
“You are something the whole world is doing.”

Just as the sea “waves,”so does the Cosmos.
“I” am just the Cosmos waving
a great big “Yoo-hoo!” to everything that is.
If a wave could form an ego, it might say,
“I am different, other, than those waves around me.
I am bigger, smaller, faster, slower, longer lasting.”
This ego-wave would start to worry.
as he sees the shore approaching;
his fellow waves are crashing, pounding,
spending themselves upon the land.
What is he to do?
Resist the tidal pull and hold himself in place?
Turn back to sea?

Here’s the mistake that I have made.
(We all, I think, have made.)
I have separated myself from everything;
and viewed the world as something “other,”
then turned around and built a “me”
entirely from the things this world provides.
So this “me” is held in place
by a process of endless comparison
between the things that have become “me”
and the things (and people) that are not “me.”

A sense of self is, they say, essential to humanity.
They may be right, but what tragedy arises
when we mistake (and we always do)
a sense of self for something real.
This self-identity is useful,
but completely fictional,
and filled with problems.

If who I think I am depends
entirely on things that I believe are something other,
I can never, ever, be content;
for these things are always changing,
morphing, coming, going, fading, ending.
Other people are locked in being “other,”
and my longing for belonging never truly
finds its satisfaction.

A certain wisdom comes
from knowing my relationship with things.
A greater wisdom comes,
from knowing that I AM these things
and that THESE THINGS are me.
I want to hold “my self” so gently in my open palm,
that the boundaries fade and finally disappear,
and I can fly into the open sky
and return to being All of This again.

I am simply the cosmos looking through these eyes,
and calling out a big, “Yoo-hoo!” to everyone.

Author: William Martin

Taoist teacher and consultant

3 thoughts on “Yoo-Hoo World!”

  1. I love this. Yoo hoo!

    ~ Ruth

    On Sat, Jun 26, 2021, 6:32 PM A Taoist Mountain Journal wrote:

    > William Martin posted: ” My first teacher, Alan Watts, once said,“You are > something the whole world is doing.” Just as the sea “waves,”so does the > Cosmos.“I” am just the Cosmos wavinga great big “Yoo-hoo!” to everything > that is.If a wave could form an ego, it might say,“I am ” >


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