Problems and Solutions

I’ve often heard the admonition;
“If you’re not part of the solution,
then you’re part of the problem.”
A bit arrogant, I’ve always thought.
As if the origins of the problem
were completely understood,
and the solutions were painfully obvious
to all right-minded people.
Trouble is, the patterns from which the problems
were slowly woven in the heedless dark,
are the same patterns to which we turn
to craft our bright solutions.

We will never find our way out until we step out;
of paradigms long past their expiration dates;
of assumptions that no longer hold;
of a culture war that has no end;
and of the belief that we can fix this.

(With apologies to the immortal Rumi.)
Beyond diversions and distractions;
beyond capitalism and religion;
beyond materialism and fear;
beyond complexity and confusion;
beyond blame and anger;
and beyond all need for self-protection
lies a field of simple living,
where the Unseen becomes the Seen.
Let’s meet each other there.

Perhaps we will become the solution
when we step out of the problem.

Author: William Martin

Taoist teacher and consultant

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