It’s Harder Now

Winter is arriving early here in Shasta,
and I am finding it surprisingly difficult to face.
I know the wisdom of offering no resistance
to whatever comes and goes in life,
but it is harder now.

I am entering the winter of my life
and will not experience the spring of youth again.
Thus the yearly winter season looms a metaphor
for the dimming of the life I’ve known;
and also for the winds that shake society
as we all seek shelter from the storm.

For an old man, I am healthy,
but it is not the health that points its nose
into the storms and shouts to,
“Bring it on!”
I want to find a warm and cozy shelter
from the inner and outer weather.

I am going deeper into the Way of Tao.
It is the only shelter that can actually offer
comfort, peace, and the contentment of acceptance.
Wu-wei – the relaxed and gentle movement
that removes resistance and brings instead the comfort
of flowing with a Greater Power than my own.

I have been lived by Tao through all these years
and Tao will live me still, without my anxious thoughts
that spin a web of fear.
The cabin rocks with wind, and rain
pelts hard on tin roofing overhead.
It is to this power I belong
and as my thoughts wind down
the peace that lives beyond all reason waits,
and welcomes me once again.
No effort to resist.
No problem.