A Cosmic Belly-Laugh

Those who know, do not speak. Those who speak, do not know.

The Tao Te Ching, Chapter 56

Of the making of many books there is no end, and much study wearies the body.

Ecclesiastes, Chapter 12, verse 12


I am a trickster, a clown, a coyote playing pranks on the people.

Oh, I’m not deliberately trying to mislead you.

It’s just that you and I are playing a game of, “Let’s pretend,”

you pretending that you do not know;

me pretending that I do.

I get to speak and teach

and write books without end.

You get to listen and learn,

and study ’till your body wearies.

This is not a bad thing altogether,

for it may keep us both amused,

until we tire of the game and realize

that everything we seek is all right here, right now,

no need to study,

no need to teach.

We’re It!

We always have been,and always will be.

We’ll close our books, and have a belly-laugh,

then walk home together arm in arm.

Author: William Martin

Taoist teacher and consultant

3 thoughts on “A Cosmic Belly-Laugh”

  1. Spot on! I’ve come to realize that I will die without knowing ANYTHING for certain, but the walk has been very interesting. Thanks.


  2. Hi Bill!

    Boy did I ever need to hear this message. I fell into what I can best describe as a “spiritual crisis” but have since labeled it as growing through spiritual ascension. I felt I lost connection to the divine/universe/God. It has been the bleakest state I have experienced in this life. I’ve been through much panic and anxiety and for a while was unable to read or talk about anything spiritual without getting severely anxious. I’m working my way through it.

    I appreciate you,

    Gina Beeles


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