breakfastWe have arrived safely in our new home territory, if not yet in the exact house that will be our dwelling. We in a temporary home in Green Valley, Arizona. This particular house may turn out to be our permanent location or we may find another house in the area in the coming weeks/months – so there are, as always in all lives, some “to be determined” elements. But we feel a deep sense of “at home-ness” in the beautiful Sonoran Desert that surrounds us. We are delighted to be here and are beginning to relax and take some needed rest and gradually letting our vistas expand. The accompanying photo is of our breakfast picnic in a beautiful botanical garden near our home.

Author: William Martin

Taoist teacher and consultant

3 thoughts on “Arizona”

  1. So glad you two made it safely to AZ. I just saw that it is 3 degrees in Mt. Shasta tonite. Be Well. Bud

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  2. We met 33 years ago in this area and formed our relationship in the energy of the desert. Its beauty is wild and powerful and filled with a marvelous diversity of creativity and life. I have been influenced by the writings of Ed Abbey, particularly by his Desert Solitaire. Northern California has a different kind of beauty and nurtured us through a particular period of our life, then returned us to our desert home.


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