Let’s Connect

I am at the time of my life when integration, wholeness, healing, and compassion are my primary concerns, not just for myself but for wherever in the world my companionship might prove helpful. I am reminded daily that such qualities are essential and even urgent within human culture on this planet. We cannot continue to distract ourselves, mesmerize ourselves, and delude ourselves into the fantasy that society can continue to grind out bread and circuses to keep the machinery going.

I have various facets to my current work, but the primary focus is that of personal guidance, personal spiritual integration, and personal healing within an individual one-on-one relationship. If you have been consciously or subconsciously wanting to connect with someone who is on this path, I invite you to stop waiting and take a small step of exploration with me. We may connect on a deep level, or we may not and that is fine. That is not the issue. The issues are: How much time do we have left? What is essential? What am I doing here? Where am I going?

Consider connecting and working together for a one-time conversation or for a regular weekly or monthly time of sharing and guidance.

This is what I do. This is why I’m here.     Connect

Author: William Martin

Taoist teacher and consultant

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