Walking the Tao – Chapter 12

From birth we are taught to determine our worth by external references. We learn that we are worth what we achieve, what we earn, how we are perceived, and how we perform. What a tragedy. Our worth is an “inside thing” and is something inherent in our very being; never something we earn or achieve. You are completely, utterly, amazingly worthy.

Author: William Martin

Taoist teacher and consultant

4 thoughts on “Walking the Tao – Chapter 12”

  1. Such a wonderful message for our times. I was struck by the thought that the observation of overloaded everything was made so long ago … can’t imagine how present day would be described!
    The noticing is important for me. The “proverbial frog” is strongly at work. To remove self from the context of the times is nearly impossible so I appreciated your example of two walking the same path and yet intrinsically or extrinsically motivated. So many illnesses today seem to be stress and anxiety related. I often wonder if I can escape the energy of my context?


    1. Yes, I have to find ways of dealing with the energy field of my culture. I can take steps to minimize its influence – withdrawing from many of its more toxic expressions – social and “news” media, consumerism, etc. but I also have to energetically protect myself where withdrawal is not possible. Qigong helps me a great deal. That practice has a great many forms and techniques for cleansing the internal energy meridians, thoughts, etc. I highly recommend it. Lee Holden has been my teacher for many years and has a lot of YouTube introductory videos as well as his own site: http://www.holdenqigong.com. There are many good teachers available.


  2. Such a great message for our times. As someone who is keen on noticing, I often struggle with my “proverbial frog” and wonder how I can better live from my intrinsic self. How much energy of the times am I absorbing? Really quite alarming as all the noise, and distractions of present day living translates into illness, depression and despair.


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