Walking the Tao – Chapter 18

What is true virtue? Is it a set of moral rules? Do we need to be controlled and constrained in order to behave? Is there such a thing as “natural virtue?” Is true morality expressed in rigid rules or in helpful guidelines? Lao-Tzu looks at the difference between natural virtue and conditioned virtue.

Author: William Martin

Taoist teacher and consultant

3 thoughts on “Walking the Tao – Chapter 18”

  1. It is indeed helpful for me to listen to your musings! I’ve been grateful to them since 2005 when my friend gifted me The Tao de Ching for Parents. I try to just be, even without the news, social media or much socializing, but I want to convince others of this way! Alas! That becomes, not-the-way! I love this format Bill as I get to take in all the good, reflect on it and be with it. It’s much more personal this way for me! Thank you!


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