Walking the Tao – Chapter 26

There is a fundamental difference between curiosity and restlessness. Restlessness is part of an addictive cycle fueled by a product-oriented economy that competes for our attention. Curiosity is a natural quality that emerges from spaciousness and wonder. It leads to exploration, not distraction; to creativity, not consumption. This distinction is difficult to notice, but oh, so important.

Author: William Martin

Taoist teacher and consultant

4 thoughts on “Walking the Tao – Chapter 26”

  1. Even as I KNOW, I still find myself sucked in to the distractions! I hope it’s true that awareness is the first step in making changes! Thank you for another reminder to be mindful! Blessings back at you, Bill! I look forward to these daily musings!


    1. Important to remember that awareness is not the first step, it is the only step. Awareness is everything. Within awareness the changes will make themselves. It doesn’t seem logical to our conditioned mind, but the changes really do occur without effort as awareness shines. It is the truth of, “wu-wei.”


  2. Beautiful said. Thanks again, Bill! For me the main difference is, that curiosity can be slow, mindful and patient, and it feels very rewarding following it. And important comment, too. Which reminds me of –
    gassho – to you and Nancy.
    Always a pleasure to hear from you!


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