Walking the Tao – Chapter 28

In a society so divided, we find that we are also divided within ourselves. We reward some aspects of ourselves and repress other aspects. Healing and transformation will come only when we are able to accept and integrate both the Yin and the Yang. The dance of Yin and Yang is what keeps the Cosmos alive. We all contain both energies and must acknowledge both within us. One energy might take the lead for a moment, then the other – a dance.

Author: William Martin

Taoist teacher and consultant

2 thoughts on “Walking the Tao – Chapter 28”

  1. Another great lesson, Bill. Today I hosted brunch for 2 old “home boys” who were back in town for a visit. Talk was easy, laughter& memories filled the hours, time drifted on. Five hours! Wow! I was supposed to reach out to another friend for a get together, but I just could not do it! I couldn’t understand why until I listened to today’s chapter. I needed to go back to the yin stillness after a wonderful Yang time. I’m learning to appreciate that more as I get older. Thanks!


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