Walking the Tao – Chapter 81

I’ve reached the final chapter in this “Walk through the Tao.” I have received immense benefit from this way of communicating. I’ve seen the Tao sink into my life in new and profound ways. I hope you have enjoyed walking with me. These videos will remain on YouTube and the links here on my website will remain. Explore them at your leisure.

I don’t charge for any of my work, but rely on donations. If you would like to contribute to my work, such as these videos, there is a donation link on this page. Thank you for walking with me, and I’ll see you down the road.

Author: William Martin

Taoist teacher and consultant

6 thoughts on “Walking the Tao – Chapter 81”

  1. Thank you once again Bill for another walk through the Tao. And now we walk along one step at a time. Blessings to you and to Nancy too.


  2. Bill. Thank you for your great generosity in creating these new visions of the Tao from your perspective as a Sage. You are an inspiration. I appreciate being able to return to these again and again.


  3. Taoist teaching tells us to run a mile if anyone heaps praise on our words, so start running, Bill! Many, many thanks for this series – it has inspired me to keep following the Tao for the rest of my life.


  4. Hi, Thank you for giving me all the links to your work. But unfortunately, I couldn’t open it by you tube. So I am wondering whethere there is any other way to view it from mainland China. Best wishes. Thank you.


      1. I believe some vpn’s are working on mainland china if Anna can access one such as express vpn or surf shark.


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