Workshop – A Taoist Approach to Social Change.

Dear Friends

I am honored to be the initial presenter at a February 21, 2023, seminar hosted by Sage-ing International. This is part of their World Wisdom Perspectives on Aging program. The program is described in the link below. Note that you can register just for my seminar, or for the whole package of seminars throughout 2023. I invite you to join me with people from around the world who are finding new ways of honoring both the quiet and the active parts of their spirits.

Click on the link below for registration information for this seminar.

Register Here

Author: William Martin

Taoist teacher and consultant

2 thoughts on “Workshop – A Taoist Approach to Social Change.”

  1. I’ve long been registered for the series and very much looking forward to your kick-off. đź‘» I will mention this to my Civic Values and Culture and to broader EAN groups. 🙏

    Margaret (Meg) L. Newhouse, Ph.D. Passion and Purpose LifeCrafting


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