Humanity Rising Presentation

Hello Friends,

This is late notice, but on Monday, March 6, 2023, I will be the guest presenter on the Humanity Rising broadcast. The program will start at 8:00 AM Pacific Time and last for about 90 minutes. The best way to view it would be on their live YouTube stream. The link for that is below. I assume the program will be available in their archives as well.

Perhaps you can join us on Monday.

Author: William Martin

Taoist teacher and consultant

5 thoughts on “Humanity Rising Presentation”

  1. This is marvelous news, Bill. I’m a long-time (if sporadic) consumer of and advocate for HR. Unfortunately, I have a packed morning, and my cleaning ladies arrive right at 11:00, but I will try to be super organized so I can watch you. Congratulations and blessings, Meg

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  2. Thank you, Bill. Sounds interesting.Will check the time, and try to be present!Warm greetings to you and Nancy,Heike –Diese Nachricht wurde v


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