This page reflects the people, books, and other resources that I have found seminal in my life. Some names you will recognize. Others are less well known but may be just the gem you have been seeking. Others are contemporary voices that I find contribute to peace, wholeness, and balance.

Alan Watts

Tao, the Watercourse WayAlan was one of the first voices that touched me. I first heard him speak when I was at the University in Berkeley. He was a maverick, an outlaw, and a brilliant teacher. Of his many books, this one was his last. He died before it was finished and his dear friend, Chungliang Al Huang, wrote the last chapter. It is as clear a look at classic Taoist thought as I have ever read.

Fake Virtuea wonderful video with Alan talking about one of the fundamental points of the Tao Te Ching

Chungliang Al Huang

Embrace Tiger, Return to MountainChungliang was my first Tai Chi mentor. He is a musician, ballet dancer, and Tai Chi master. His grace of physical form is echoed by his graceful words. (In this book he speaks of his friendship with Alan Watts.)

Andy Couturier

The Abundance of Less – Lessons in Simple Living From Rural Japanby Andy Couturier. The story of 10 people who left mainstream Japanese life to live surrounded by nature, art, friends, and an abundance of time and joy. One of my favorites on simple living.

Ma Muse

I first heard this wonderful duo singing in Chico, California, back in 2008. I turn to their voices, energy, and conviction whenever I need a lift.

We Shall Be Knownthis is one of my favorites of their original songs. You can find some of their other songs on YouTube.