Walking the Tao

I am starting a personal journey through the Tao Te Ching, something I do each year. Each time I walk through Lao-Tzu’s poetic wisdom I discover countless new wonders and surprises, new areas of awareness that comfort and inspire me. This time on my walk I am recording my musings as I visit each chapter. I would love to share these videos with you. They come from a personal place that may resonate with your own journey.

The first chapter is presented below. This will give you a sense of the approach I will be taking as I work with each chapter and consider how it speaks to my life in the present moment. If you would like to join me on this walk for the other 80 chapters, please read the material below the video.

  • The ultimate product will be 81 videos, each around 10 minutes long – totaling perhaps 12-13 hours of teaching and sharing. The subscription fee for this teaching will be $250
  • On a private subscription page I will post a new video three times each week. My own schedule and the unpredictability of life may shift the days of posting, but my commitment to you is to share a 3 chapters each week.
  • You may join this “Walk” at any time. If you join half-way through the 81 videos, all the previously posted videos will be immediately available to you. In this case, I would suggest that you limit yourself to one or two previous videos each week and not “binge” on them. I’m creating one every two or three days and letting what I discover sink in a bit before going on. It might be best if you do the same.
  • Whenever you join, when the Walk is complete all 81 videos will be available to you permanently.
  • Subscribers will also have access to a free monthly “Q and A” session with me. This monthly session will be a time of informal sharing and exploring.
  • When you use the below link to subscribe, I will send you a link to the videos and a personal password to use. Please do not share this link or password with anyone.

To subscribe please choose a payment method. Thank you.

Payment for “Walking the Tao”

81 short lectures by William Martin, taken from his personal walk through the “Tao Te Ching.” A total of over 12 hours of personal teaching and sharing. Also included in subscription is a monthly live Q and A with William Martin.


After submitting payment, please send me the following information. Thanks again.