cropped-cropped-billcastlelake3-1.jpgAs I enter my later years, I find that I am in a time of summing up the disparate elements of my life into a coherent whole. From this perspective I see my work as taking on a more focused form and sharpening into a purpose that is illuminating my remaining time.

Life is a mysterious Whole. It is One Thing Happening of which we are each a part. There is no more important work in these chaotic and divisive times than remembering our True Nature and reintegrating ourselves into the Oneness of our existence. The illusion of separation will destroy us if we do not individually recover our Wholeness, our unity with God/Tao/Spirit/The Eternal.

My practice as a counselor is primarily that of a companion and guide – a facilitator of spiritual integration. In my life I have explored and internalized elements of mystical Christianity, Zen Buddhism, and Taoist Thought. I have practiced Qigong for many decades and use energy work as a fundamental part of my practice. I feel that my whole life has been a preparation for the life and work I now experience. You can learn a bit more about me and my journey at this link

I primarily use web-based applications like Zoom and FaceTime to work with individuals. Individual sessions can be one-time, occasional, or scheduled on a regular basis, depending on the desired intentions. It is my experience that profound personal and spiritual transitions require courageous commitment and a willingness to stay with difficult work. I honor that and seek to support such work.

My fee is $125 an hour for individual sessions. I accept PayPal and credit cards as well as personal checks.

As individuals and as a culture, we are facing the choice of either continued fragmentation or a new spiritual integration. If you sense a resonance with this work and have the willingness to move more deeply into that transformation, I invite you to contact me  and we’ll explore it together.