30 Days of Tao

30 Days cover30 Days of Tao is a daily guide for learning to live with ease and contentment amidst the chaos of modern life. William Martin’s month-long journey into the “effortless ease” of Taoist living turns the assumptions of modern society upside-down: more may not be better; faster may not be more effective; multitasking may be a myth; and information may not be wisdom. Feeling that life need not be a problem to be solved, but a gift to be experienced, Martin explores ways to quiet the chatter of the conscious mind and live from a more spacious kind of thinking. He makes the novel suggestion that, “it really doesn’t have to be that hard.” Though categorized as a “self-improvement” book, Martin says that, “Self-improvement only insures that there will always be a self to improve. Perhaps we should look elsewhere for hints on living a satisfying and productive life.”

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