Day by Day With the Tao Te Ching

Day by Day coverTaoist author, William Martin offers daily reflections of life as reflected in Lao-Tzu’s classic book of wisdom. Each day begins with a few lines from The Tao Te Ching in Martin’s own translation, followed by a short poetic reflection and a question for reflection. “It is not a devotional book,” Martin says, “because the Tao does not need devotion. It flows through us every moment whether we are aware of it or not. Actually it IS us.”

The book offers 350 days of reflections. “The other two weeks of the year are for the reader to put words aside,” says Martin. The conviction that too many words make for confusion rather than clarity is central to the Taoist approach to literature. The simple verses in this book may offer a opening to Life Itself – that which is real, rather than conceptual.

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