Walking the Tao

Walking coverLao Tzu’s classic book, The Tao Te Ching, is one of the most translated books in the world. William Martin, one of today’s foremost Taoist authors has added one more. As he says, “I have translated and interpreted the Tao Te Ching for thirty years and I never tire of exploring its fathomless depths. Recently I guided a group of students from several different countries through an intensive email exploration of this classic book. As part of that exploration titled Walking the Tao, I wrote a new translation especially for these fellow travelers. I wrote it from my current (2015) understanding and life situation and it emerged quickly and easily. I meant it simply as a touch point for this small group of students. However the feedback regarding this translation was so overwhelmingly positive that I have decided to incorporate it into a book.” Join him in this modern, practical, and inspirational “Walk through the Tao”

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