I Belong to This

The universe appears as mostly empty space. 
Yet it is filled with a hidden
and inexhaustible energy
that has existed since before the beginning
of beginning-less time.
So we can relax and let our tension drain away, 
for we belong to this.

The Tao Te Ching, Chapter 4

Trust is becoming more central to my life.
It’s not that I think my every whim will be indulged,
it’s that I trust that I belong,
not as a coat belongs to its wearer,
but as a cell belongs to the body.
Life is really not my job, is it?
(though it seems so to my mind.)
The Tao is doing it all.
I can imagine the body saying to the cell,
“Relax, I’ve got this.”
More often now, I hear the Tao whisper,
“Relax, Bill, I’ve got this.”
I trust that when the time arrives
for me to let it go at last,
I’ll hear that gentle whisper yet again,
“Relax, Bill, I’ve got this.”

One thought on “I Belong to This

  1. You’re quite right, Bill – I hear those gentle whispers from the Tao more and more as I age. The problem is, I don’t always listen to them!
    Thanks for the gentle reminder to do so.


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