6 thoughts on “Tipping Points – It is Time Now.”

  1. Loved this video Bill. One of your best! For some reason I felt glad to hear that you are including exploring mystical Christianity and God as well as the Tao in your pondering.The longer I feel like I am a stranger in a strange land, the stranger things get. Been looking for “home” and dreaming of trying to get back home for a long time. Never being able to find it.Could my journey be my home? Hell, I don’t know. Keep it coming!


  2. Thank you, Bill, for “rambling”! Like Bud, the phrase “stranger in a strange land” really connects with me. Sometimes I look around and think that I have been put in this life by mistake. Looking forward to more videos.


  3. Bill, thank you for this. I am in it with you. I am taking Lee’s Pearl of Consciousness course and I keep thinking this is where the transformative power is. I am having an experience of myself I’ve not had before. I don’t have good words for it at all. For me this is part of what is now for me. I am blessed to be alive and here on the planet at the same time as you…as Nancy. Thank you dear hearts – julie

    Julie Interrante, MA (she/her) The Power of a Broken-Open Heart Engaging the Wisdom of Your Own Soul http://www.julieinterrante.com 916-709-0959

    ‘If you have come to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.’ -Lilla Watson


  4. Hi Bill,
    I agree it’s a crazy chaotic time! However, it seems there are “sides.” I have been so shocked & saddened that folks I thought were awake & evolved did not feel the same as I do about what’s going on—to include my husband & 3 of my 6 children. My thoughts are that “covid” & vaxxing are about control out of fear. Taking the shot is a false belief that you will be safe & you can continue your life as normal. Like you I don’t have a solution but I know the thinking that got us here cannot get us out of this! I struggle so as my first son, vaxxed to the max, has not allowed me to be near his new don, my first grandson. Friends criticized me for “not doing it to make peace.” But that is all conditional love & I’m not doing it at the cost of not knowing my grandson. So, I’m in wondering what you’re thinking.


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